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I Was Insanely Turned On And The Sexual Tension Was Absolutely Crazy

I Was Insanely Turned On And The Sexual Tension Was Absolutely CrazyI was at a work party; it was a yearly event and the company made a big deal about it. They were presenting some awards and doing annual speeches for all we had accomplished for the year. It was a cocktail event and I tried to glam up because I have this stupid crush on my supervisor, so I was feeling pretty confident looks wise. When I get there, I was introduced to Jim who is one of the MC’s for the evening. We got a bit of banter going and I was instantly attracted. After the main speeches my supervisor and a few of my colleagues were in a circle. There were guys there so I go up and put myself into the conversation. I remember laughing at someone’s joke or something and looking up to find Jim staring at me so intensely, I almost jump back. He looked a bit embarrassed but I smile and played along. The rest of the night we steal glances at each other. Then was sitting down listening to more speeches and he came and touched my back and asked if he could sit at my table. Whilst...Read more >

Being A Hot Slut in College

Being A Hot Slut in CollegeOne night I came back to campus really drunk and really horny after a sorority event, so I hit Jim up. He met me on the quad and we went at it. I straddled him on a bench in the middle of the quad and he fingered me under my skirt. I was extremely wet and I could feel how hard he was beneath me. It was hot but we stopped because a girl walked by us and I was embarrassed that we got caught. I started drunkenly whining that we wouldn’t be able to fuck because my roommate was already asleep in my room and his in his room and I didn’t want to hook up with anyone else there. Luckily at that moment, a friend of mine at the time walked by and decided to say hello. I was super drunk so I told her all about my dilemma while Jim waited some feet away. That’s when she handed me her campus ID card. She worked in the student center. As she handed me her card she said to me, “this will open any locked door in student center. Just take it and give it back to me tomorrow.” She slapped my ass...Read more >

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